Benefits of Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Practical Self-Defence

First and foremost we do not teach people to fight. We teach that only in self-defence should a person fight and how they can learn to defend themselves with skill and efficiency.

Wing Tsun is a Martial Art, a system of self-defence and fighting techniques which are both practical, easy to apply and, more importantly, easy to adapt – the obvious benefit being a clear set of skills.

Developed from the perspective and understanding of a smaller framed person, Wing Tsun effectively uses skill sets without using a huge amount of force and effort. This does not mean that larger and stronger people cannot use Wing Tsun as there is always someone bigger out there!

Wing Tsun is based on the understanding of transferable principles interlinked with practical fighting applications. We strongly believe in educating students:

  • how to think in a fight
  • how and when to apply the principles
  • freedom to chose and react with correct techniques

Underlying these principles, to become a sound Wing Tsun practitioner you need a balance of disciplines: hard training and knowledge.

Martial Arts

The Martial Arts stage goes beyond self-defence. This is a much deeper and higher level of skill, requiring discipline, determination, patience, passion and focus. This stage expands the learner’s knowledge of the philosophical teachings with which to build character and more complex movements. Other areas of focus include being able to deal with complex life-threatening situations, such as weapons defence, multiple assailants, and defence against attackers skilled in other styles. This can and should, intrinsically, be life changing: being a Martial Arts practitioner is an honour and allows you to develop and grow in leaps and bounds.

Health and Fitness

General health improves from physical training alone and individual learners’ aims are developed with their teachers in order to reach goals at a pace suitable to their age and fitness levels. The philosophical teachings improve mental wellbeing and lowers stress levels by providing the tools and principles applicable in stressful situations.

We also teach Chi-Kung and Chi-Kung forms within our system. Chi-Kung is known to improve lung capacity, lower heart rate and give a sense of calmness and clarity.


Being part of a Martial Arts community is something very special: everyone develops as individuals, but at the same time they are a family, always helping and supporting one another. Our ethos and etiquette strongly reflect the importance of this. Our aim is for all Wing Tsun students and instructors to represent themselves and the practice by demonstrating the correct attitude, behaviour, having manners, respect and an approach that serves all in all walks of life. For young adults and children this is an important lesson and key to our teaching. Our view is that young people generally like being around those who are tough: it is an appealing characteristic and those who are skilled and strong are looked up to, however here we hope that a goodness in character will also be reflected and hopefully replicated, even if it is not the first thing they see as the most important…

Many lifelong friendships and bonds are made within our walls and we would not have it any other way.

Change Your Life – Gain Inspiration and Motivation

Many students practise a Martial Art because they want change; to build self-esteem, self-confidence, courage, personal motivation to achieve their full potential and ultimately be successful in their careers, relationships and personal development. Wing Tsun has changed lives: you can be the best version of yourself by gaining these key tools and skills to train yourself, every day, step-by-step…

“Who you are now matters less than who you can become”

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