#FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-defence Workshops

Back by popular demand!

#FightLikeAGirl is a popular Women's Self-defence seminar hosted by Della O'Sullivan and Dulwich Wing Tsun Academy


Last time we ran this workshop, it sold-out within a few days and…
…not only did we empower dozens of women
…we raised awareness of domestic violence and raised money for charity.

Let’s face it ladies, our bodies are different than men’s bodies. In general, our upper body strength is less than men. While that may be a disadvantage if you don’t learn how to defend yourself… when you do, it’s not!

All the techniques, theories and strategies you will learn in the #FightLikeAGirl Workshop are based on years of experience and understanding. I know from personal experience what it means to feel vulnerable and scared… and what it means to take back control and be empowered. This workshop will give you a clear understanding of your strengths… and how to use them.

One of the best ways we, as ladies, can defend ourselves is by using our opponent’s strength against them. Brute force is not necessary. This #FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-defence Seminar will get you on the right track to develop the ability the take care of yourself in any situation.

Each 3 hour workshop will instill you with the essential ingredients you need to defend yourself. We’ll start with key principles of self-defence, top tips to stay safe, and the importance of self-belief and motivation. But that’s not all, because you will…

Develop Practical Self-defence Techniques

While understanding how to avoid danger is important, you still need to develop skills in order to be sure you are safe. That’s why we are going to practice, practice, practice…

…and Have a Blast Doing It!

I’m about to tell you some of the things we’ll be covering in the workshop but first I want to let you know that this workshop is going to be fun. We’re going to put pink war paint on our faces and have fab fun to an all women, empowering play list.

Upcoming London Dates:

3rd November 2018 2pm-4pm
Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden

7 Langley St
London WC2H 9JA

#FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-defence Workshops are an empowering introduction to self-defence, plus…

A percentage of proceeds go to charity! 

One of the worlds highest ranking female Wing Tsun's instructors: Sifu Della O'Sullivan  

 The topics covered in this workshop include:

check5    Sexual harassment… what it is and what to do about it!

check5    How to get out of grabs and chokes…

check5     How to prepare and stay safe on ‘to and from’ journeys

check5     What to do if you are grabbed from behind and/or picked up

check5     How to defend yourself from the ground

check5     How to recognize and avoid dangerous situations…

…and the first thing you should do if you find your self in one

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Young girls can develop self-defence skills as well… adapted to their smaller size:

check5    How to be more aware of dangers, strangers and behaviours

check5     Potential threats and where to go if in danger…
this could save your daughter’s life!

check5     How to stay safe… yes, it might seem simple…
…but do you remember what it was like to be young and small and vulnerable?

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Please come with your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends and join us in helping women who are in need and learn some fantastic skills in the process.

£30 fee for the workshop.

A percentage of profits will be donated to
Bede House Association
registered charity number 303199

Bede House Association registered charity 303199

#FightLikeAGirl Workshop Dates, Times and Venues:

14th October, 2017 1:30pm-4:30pm – Trevor Bailey Sports Hall, Dulwich

21st October, 2017 12pm-3pm – Off the Rails Studio, Clapham Junction

4th February, 2018 2:30pm-5:30pm – Urban Warriors Gym, Vauxhall

10th February, 2018 2pm-5pm – Pineapple Studios, Covent Garden

3rd March, 2018 10am-1pm – Trinity Primary School, Lewisham, SE13 5HZ

3rd November, 2018 2pm-4pm Pineapple studios, Covent garden

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Be sure to share this event with your sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, granddaughters and female friends.

Not only will you help raise money for charity, you’ll help your loved ones to stay safe!

What recent attendees of a #FightLikeAGirl Women’s Self-Defence Seminar had to say…

I thought Della was well spoken and engaging. I liked the fact that she covered the history and the principles of Wing Tsun first, before we got down to the practical stuff. The defence scenarios were varied and the movements were powerful and dynamic.
I really enjoyed the class and as well as finding it extremely beneficial, I thought it was great fun too. Della kept it very light-hearted and made everybody feel comfortable and at ease. The techniques and principles behind Wing Chun are really interesting and it was good to learn a bit about the history of them and then apply them.
I’m really looking forward to the next session!
I really enjoyed the class and found it very useful. Even if I can’t remember the details of all of the techniques, because Della focused on the ‘principles not the techniques’, I feel that I would at least have a better idea of how to react should such a situation arise. I’d never done any sort of self-defence class before, and I definitely learned a lot. It was good fun too!
Just wanted to let you know that I thought the class was very useful and also enjoyable. Though I did find myself feeling a little uncoordinated at times!! I also used muscles that I didn’t know I had!
I have to say that I thought the session was great. I really enjoyed it and learned useful things at the same time. Della is a fantastic tutor and I am really looking forward to the next session.
I really enjoyed it and I feel more confident now in case I find myself in trouble (which I hope won’t happen). I am impressed by the fact that I have learnt very effective techniques in such a small amount of time. Thank you very much for organising it, I think it is crucial for women to be able to defend themselves.